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Tibrio Spotlight - Madison Lavitz

Friday, March 8, 2019

Introducing the Tibrio Employee Spotlight Series! Read on to learn more about the people who make the magic happen here at Tibrio!

Madison Lavitz—Account Manager

Madison Lavitz came to Tibrio as an intern fresh out of college. Over the course of four years with the company she has had a chance to dig her hands into many facets of the sales/account management world. Even after four years with the company, Lavitz still feels engaged in the work each day. "I’m at a point now where I have the opportunity to explore areas within my role that challenge me, expand the scope of my position, and tailor my responsibilities toward what interests me most. It’s also doesn’t hurt to have team that is firing on all cylinders all the time!"

Not that working at Tibrio has been a bed of roses. In fact, Lavitz had her car stolen three times during her first 18 months with the company. "What makes the story even better is that the first time, it was recovered two weeks later by a colleague at Zeeto who happened to park next to it at a Home Depot! And the second time, the thief returned my car to the parking lot it was stolen from parked in a different spot with a screwdriver in the ignition."

Growing up in a stereotypical “green” Oregonian environment, Lavitz always been environmentally conscious and has a firm love for  the outdoors. “My fiancé was raised similarly and together we remind each other to live less indulgently wherever possible. Whether it’s picking up trash on our beach walks (often coming home with pockets full), or just turning the faucet off while we wash dishes – every little bit helps."

Currently living in San Diego, Lavitz misses one season most of all. "Fall is my favorite season hands down," she says. "There’s nothing better than September in Portland. The home I grew up in sits just a few blocks above the tree-lined Willamette River creating what looked like a watercolor painting of the changing leaves right out my bedroom window. The change of seasons is what I miss most since moving to sunny-year-round San Diego."

During her time off from the busy Tibrio office (we have unlimited vacation time, don't you know), Lavitz's favorite getaway is someplace new. "I love going to places I’ve never been. I live for the next adventure; whether it’s a weekend camping trip with my fiancé and our pup, sailing the Croatian islands with my mom, or backpacking Vietnam with my dad, my bucket list is never ending. Over the last 20 years I’ve travelled to 15 countries, and next up – hiking the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu over the holidays this December!"

And Luna, Lavitz's two-year-old pup is loving, loyal and the light of her and her fiancé's life. "While I did have a tendency to convince my mom to adopt a new cat every couple of years throughout my childhood (I think we had four at one point), I’m really more of a dog person. I grew up with Australian Cattle dogs, and although they have a tendency to be a bit neurotic, with endless energy, they’re insanely intelligent and loyal."

Thanks for all your hard work Madison!

Friday, March 8, 2019